Insurance Locksmith Ayrshire Services

Do you comply with the provisions of your insurance?

Ensuring your home’s security measures align with your insurance policy is vital to avoid potential issues with claims down the line. At Livingstones Locks, we prioritize this aspect of security to give you peace of mind. With our expertise, we guarantee that any locks or additional security measures we install are Insurance Locksmith Ayrshire approved. By adhering to the requirements set by your insurance company, we safeguard your property and your policy.

What kind of requirements are in place?

Your insurance policy likely outlines specific security standards for your doors and windows. At Livingstones Locks, we understand the intricacies of these requirements and are here to guide you through them. Whether it’s installing five-lever mortice deadlocks on final exit doors or mortised bolts for non-final-exit doors, we ensure that your security measures meet the stringent standards outlined by Insurance Locksmith Ayrshire. Our comprehensive assessment and upgrade services guarantee that your home’s security is always at BS 3621 standards.

Am I insured?

Without the correct locks as specified by your insurance policy, your coverage might be at risk. Livingstones Locks emphasizes the importance of having Insurance Locksmith Ayrshire approved security measures in place to avoid any potential complications with your insurance claims. By entrusting us with your security needs, you can rest assured knowing that your home is adequately protected, and your insurance coverage remains intact. Don’t leave your security to chance—choose Livingstones Locks for reliable Insurance Locksmith Ayrshire approved solutions.